Bookish Graphics & Icons

Hello Bookworms! Here you’ll find posts and links to the bookish graphics and icons I’ve created. Links will take you both to posts that can be found on this blog, and to my Pinterest where you’ll be able to easily save and download the graphics and icons inspired by the books and comics that I love!

Bookish Graphics

2020 was draining to say the least and this blog helped me get through it as did letting myself be creative. One way I did this was by creating graphics inspired by my favorite books. I haven’t made many yet, and posted even fewer but I’ll be making more throughout the year and I’ll be posting them to THIS board on my Pinterest.

Bookish Phone Layouts + Icons

Books are obviously a huge part of my life and with the iOS14 update in 2020 I started creating phone layouts and icons inspired by my favorite books.

Currently I only have a few layouts/icon sets that have been posted to Pinterest but You can expect more soon.

Gideon the Ninth

The invisible life of Addie LaRue 2

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue 1 | Blog Post

Shades of Magic 1 | Blog Post


The graphics found here are directly inspired by the books and characters created by author V.E. Schwab. These graphics were created specifically for @veschwabfeatures on Instagram, which I created to help bring fans of Schwab and her books together. These graphics can be found on my Pinterest HERE and in the story highlights in the Instagram account.