Hello! My name is Melinda and I’m a bookseller living in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been a bookseller off and on since 2013 while working towards and Bachelors and then Masters degree. After completing my Masters I went back to my local bookstore for my fifth first day as a bookseller.

In March my store was temporarily closed due to COVID-19 and I was temporarily laid off. With lots of free time on my hands I decided to give book blogging another go and joined NetGalley. These last few months have been wonderful and it’s also shown me that while things don’t always go according to plan, sometimes that’s for the best.

Since starting this blog I’ve been able to read not only more books, but also discover new genres and authors I might not have read before. I used to think Romance wasn’t for me, and now it’s my most read genre of 2020. I’ve also discovered so many Queer own voices stories and books with positive Queer representation which as a Queer person this has been life changing.

This blog has changed so much of my life and I’m so excited to see where the future takes me and my love of books.

Thanks so much for reading!



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