A Year in Books: 2020

Hello lovelies! Happy 2021! Two days in and I’m already behind on my NetGalley arcs! But I’m hopeful I’ll be able to catch up after next week. I have arcs of 3 books coming out on Tuesday and I’m pretty sure I won’t get all three read before then, but I think I can have all of them read by the end of next week. Fingers crossed!

Now that 2021 is in full swing I looked at my reading stats on Goodreads and I’m quite happy with them! Over all 2020 was a good reading year for me, even if I didn’t read as much as I would have liked. I discovered some amazing books and comics and that’s all that really matters (to me at least).

My average book length for 2020 was 287 pages–most of the books I read were 300+ pages, but the comics I read this year brought the average down since the volumes are closer to 100 pages.

My average rating was 4.2 stars. I rarely give books below 3 stars; though I gave several books this year 1 or 2 stars for various reasons including poor representation, and lack of trigger warnings in one case.

I set my reading challenge to 50 books for 2020 and ended up reading 54. That’s mostly thanks to the Three Joker comic from DC as the collected volume hasn’t been added to Goodreads yet. But even if I only counted them as 1 volume I’d still have read 51 books so either way I met my challenge which I’m very proud of and happy about.

Unsurprisingly my shortest book was one of the Three Jokers issues. 48 pages of pain, anger and wishing DC would stop messing with Jason Todd. I was fine with this non-canon run right up until DC said they are going to make it canon and now I hate it even more. I haven’t posted a review of these yet but I’m planning on posting some reviews for the comics I read in 2020 later on so you can read that whole rant later if you want.

Also not surprised that Crescent City was my longest book. I actually enjoyed this one more than I was expecting though so that was a nice surprise. Maas’ books are pretty hit or miss for me so it was nice to enjoy this one.

Normal People was a 4 star read of me though it’s one of my least favorite books from 2020. But given the Hulu series I’m not surprised it’s the most popular book I read this year.

Bear Serum is an Indie Pub graphic novel that science fiction lovers will throughly enjoy. I hope it starts to bet some more recognition in 2021.

These are most of the books I read in 2020. My favorites included Red, White and Royal Blue, Conventionally Yours, Recipe for Persuasion, Redhood and the Outlaws, Harrow the Ninth, Among the Beasts and Briars, and Under the Redhood.

Also if we could stop putting the Jokers face on the covers of comics that would be great. Thanks DC.

So that’s 2020 in books for me! I wish I had been able to read more books but given what 2020 was I’m happy with what I managed to read. I’m really looking forward to meeting my 2021 goal of 100 books. It’s a stretch for me but I’m sure I can meet it.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you guys are having a nice weekend thus far and having a good start to 2021!


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