iOS 14 Bookish Layouts (Pt.1)

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday!

I’m really excited to share this post with you guys today! Since iOS 14 launched last month I’ve been creating bookish layouts for my phone and I thought I’d share them here with you guys! I’m kinda nervous to post these but, I’m also really happy with how they turned out so I’m going to set the nerves aside and share anyways!

So today’s post is the first of 3 layouts I plan on sharing. I may share more in the future but we’ll see how things go.

I also want to be clear, this is not a walk through on how to make these icons, or how to customize your iPhone. There are a ton of guides and videos around that will help you figure it out, in a much better way than I could if I tried to write one. However, I will discuss the apps I used (what I liked, what I didn’t like) and at the end I will have a few links to the guides I read and found useful that you can check out!

The first bookish layout I made was, of course, Shades of Magic inspired*. I love this series to death and would sell my soul to meet Lila Bard in real life. This layout was pretty easy to make. Red, Black and White is an easy color scheme to work with and I had a lot of fun making the icons, which was super easy thanks to Canva.

*Yes I see the photo of Vengeful, I will explain…

These are the 3 layouts/screens I created. In addition to creating the icons in Canva, I also used Widgetsmith to add in my own photos, and to add in a calendar and a weather widget.

I’ve been using Canva for a few months and have really enjoyed it. I’ve used it for posts here on the blog, and for other social media posts, but I’m by no means an expert in it. What I like most about Canva is how much material there is to work with in their free app. All of the icon images here are free on the app and they were very easy to find using key work searches. They also have a ton of pre-made templets for all types of posts that are easy to customize or inspire you.

The only downside to Canva for me is that I find some features counter intuitive (i.e. image placement) or in a few cases I only found a feature by accident (i.e. transparency). But overall the app is easy to use, offers a ton of great features, and lots of free material to work with.

Once I had all the icons made that I wanted I used Widgetsmith to create widgets of photos I wanted to include on my screens. All but one of the images are my own, and one is an image Schwab posted for readers to use (tattoos, art etc.).

I also used Widgetsmith to create a calendar widget and a weather widget. Widgetsmith has three sizes of widgets and lets you customize them (colors and font only) as well. Widgetsmith is pretty easy to use and it lets you name your widgets which will make it easier for when you add them to your home screen*!

You can check out all the icons I made over on Pinterest!

*I did not know that and that’s how the Vengeful photo ended up in this layout. And I just liked it a lot and didn’t change it…*hides*

So there’s my Shades of Magic (with a side of Villains) layout!

For a walk through on how to customize your iPhone you check out these links! I hope you find them helpful like I did!

Get the trendy ‘iPhone aesthetic’

How to Change App Icons

iOS 14 Home Screen aesthetic

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I have 2 more posts and 2 more layouts planned so I hope you’ll check those out as well when they’re posted next week!


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