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September 2020 Wrap-Up

Hello lovelies! Can you believe September is over already?! This month has just flown by and I got very little reading done unfortunately. But things have been pretty crazy so I’m trying to not feel too bad about it.

So for September I read 1 book and 3 comics and…that’s it. It was such a hard reading month for lots of reasons so I’m glad I at least read these but I’m still rather disappointed in myself.

But still, reading is reading no mater how much, or how little, you do.

My first read of September was The Year Shakespeare Ruined My Life by Dani Jansen. This was a super cute read and I was so happy to be apart of the blog tour for it with TBR and Beyond Tours. You can check out that post here if you’d like to read my full, spoiler free review and check out s few of my favorite quotes from the book too!

This month I read 3 comics, all featuring Jason Todd, my favorite DC character ever. Sadly he did not get the best treatment in these comics but honestly, that should surprise no one. We never get nice things in comics and when we do, even more bad stuff happens and there ends up being no point in being happy in the first place.


2 of the comics I read this month are part of the same story arc and are a part of canon. The third comic I read is it’s own story and not a part of canon.

So first up are volumes 2 and 3 of Red Hood Outlaw. These are the canon compliant comics and honestly, volume 2 was so good and then I Don’t know what happened but volume 3 was…not good. And not good for various reasons including the art (sorry not sorry), and Jason just being a complete idiot, which he is not normally. I just…I hate when comic writers forget who the characters are and Jason may be a lot of things, but he’s smart. Impulsive and trigger happy? Definitely. Stupid? Not at all.

Anyways, there are several more volumes in this series and I probably will read them, but I need a break from idiot Jason for a while before I jump back in.

Slight Jason Todd spoiler ahead?

Like this all started in 1988 in A Death in the Family, (it’s literally older than me) and I’ve only really started caring about comics in the last couple of years, but even I knew this about Jason before I ever read a Batman or Red Hood comic.

Anyways, the last comic I read this month was Book/Part Two of The Three Jokers. This story is not a part of canon and I kinda wish it was. It’s not a best Jason story ever, but we are dealing with a lot of the fallout from how the Joker killed him, how and why he became Red Hood and Batman’s choice to not kill the Joker after he killed Jason. Book/Part Three should be out next month with the bind up due out in November.

So that was the extent of my reading in September. Hopefully October will go much better.

I hope you guys had a great reading month! I can’t wait to read all of your wrap ups!


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