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September TBR, and Moving Forward

Hello lovelies! Happy September! It’s officially fall and it is taking everything in me to not put up my Halloween decorations. I am ready for crisp morning air, colorful leaves and spooky nights.

Last month I created a TRB reading schedule in order to try and get on top of my NetGalley arcs and so far its going okay. As of today I’m behind schedule, but only by one day so it’s not the end of the world…yet. If you like you can check out my reading schedule here. But my September TBR has changed slightly to accommodate a could new books I’ve added. Cause I just don’t know how to say no when new opportunities present themselves.

I haven’t really talked about it here, but I’m an Art Historian and I have a Masters in Museology. For the last 7 years my life has been art, and art museums and I was actively working towards a career in art museums, (creating and running inclusive public programs for contemporary art). But then my mother got sick. And two liver transplants later she is finally back home. I moved back home to help care for her and it was the hardest and easiest decision I have ever made. And then COVID happened. And for better or worse, I can’t care for my mother and work directly with the public.

But COVID has given me the chance to reevaluate the things I love, the things I’m passionate about, and it’s also opened a lot of doors, in addition to the one’s it closed. The last 6 months has shown me that as much as I love art, I’m just as passionate about books. And the things I wanted to make possible for art museums, can also happen with books and publishing. I’ve been passionate about books my whole life. But for most of my life I struggled with reading. I was in my 20’s when a doctor finally told me I was dyslexic and honestly, it was life changing. And between that diagnosis and grad school I realized that I could be more than just a reader if I wanted.

I’ve been a bookseller off and on since 2013 and through all the highs and lows I’ve always felt at home when in my stores. But despite my passion for bookselling I’ve always wanted to do more, I’ve just never felt like I could. But COVID happened and I started this blog and slowly but surely I’ve started working towards a career in publishing. Because thanks to COVID remote opportunities in publishing are happening. It’s suddenly possible for me to gain experience without living in New York and I am so excited for those opportunities and possibilities.

So long story short, even with a schedule that basically has me finishing a book every three days, I still jump at the new opportunities the present themselves. Right now that just means adding more books to my TBR. But one day soon, it could be an internship or a job. So I say yes, and between caring for my mom and the 100 other things I have to do I read, and I read, and I read. I may be behind my schedule right now but I’m so excited for all the books I’m reading this month and I can’t wait to see how this month goes, and what other opportunities present themselves.

2020 may not have gone to plan, but 2021 will be the year I get a job in publishing. I am speaking it into existence.

So anyways…here’s my September 2020 TBR!

The Lost and Found Bookshop by Susan Wiggs (September 3rd deadline)

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab (September 7th deadline)

An Education in Ruin by Alexis Bass (September 10th deadline)

The Year Shakespeare Ruined My life by Dani Jansen (September 13th deadline)

22 Minutes of Unconditional Love by Daphne Merkin (September 16th deadline)

The Friend Scheme by Cale Dietrich (September 19th deadline)

I Kissed Alice by Anna Birch (September 23rd deadline)

The Honey and The Sting by E.C. Fremantle (September 27th deadline)

I’ve also taken on a project that’ll require a lot of reading, so despite not being able to count it towards my Goodreads challenge, I’m basically reading another book. It’s great, I’m so excited! I just have to fit it in between all these arcs…

I’m also hoping to fit in a couple of Red Hood volumes too, cause Jason Todd is wonderful and I need more of him in my life.

This is all very ambitious of me and I’m so excited to meet these goals and to keep moving forward.

That was a lot to read, especially at the beginning so thanks so much for being here and checking out this post! I can’t wait to check out your pwn TBR posts for September!


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