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Bookish Spotlight: Elliott Bay Book Company

Hello lovelies! Long time no spotlight post! *hides* Sorry for not posting one of these in a while. I really do like making these but I’ve been in a blogging slump up until…well this week. But I’m really excited to share with you guys one of my favorite Seattle area bookstores: Elliott Bay Book Company!

Elliott Bay is one of my favorite bookstores anywhere and my favorite in the Seattle, WA area. It has a great selection and is easy to get lost in (the best part of going to bookstores if you ask me). It also has a great cafe, Odd Fellows, perfect for reading, studying or day dreaming.

Elliott Bay was the last bookstore I visited before quarantine (I’m not counting my local since I work(ed) there) and it was a great trip. I got to spend time with one of my best friends and we planned a trip to Scotland that I hope we actually get to take one day.

I also love Elliott Bay because like a lot of bookstores it does have a staff rec wall, but throughout the store you’ll also find staff rec cards. Like, a ton of them. I love reading staff rec cards where ever I go and I love the vast number of them at Elliott Bay. It’s obvious how much the staff loves books and loves sharing that love with their customers. I’ve even picked up a book or two I normally wouldn’t have because of the staff rec card.

If you’re ever in Seattle I highly recommend checking out Elliott Bay. It’s a great bookstore in a wonderful neighborhood–Capitol Hill, with lots of great food, fun shops and unique experiences.

Elliott Bay is open right now, with limited hours, and of course you can always have books shipped right to you!


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