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Review: 500 Miles From You

Title: 500 Miles from You

Author: Jenny Colgan

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Synopses: Lissie, is a nurse in a gritty, hectic London neighborhood. Always terribly competent and good at keeping it all together, she’s been suffering quietly with PTSD after helping to save the victim of a shocking crime. Her supervisor quietly arranges for Lissie to spend a few months doing a much less demanding job in the little town of Kirrinfeif in Scottish Highlands, hoping that the change of scenery will help her heal. Lissie will be swapping places with Cormack, an Army veteran who’s Kirrinfeif’s easygoing nurse/paramedic/all-purpose medical man. Lissie’s never experienced small-town life, and Cormack’s never spent more than a day in a big city, but it seems like a swap that would do them both some good.

In London, the gentle Cormack is a fish out of the water; in Kirrinfief, the dynamic Lissie finds it hard to adjust to the quiet. But these two strangers are now in constant contact, taking over each other’s patients, endlessly emailing about anything and everything. Lissie and Cormack discover a new depth of feeling…for their profession and for each other.

But what will happen when Lissie and Cormack finally meet…?

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Publication Date: June 9th, 2020

Format: Digital advance readers copy provided through NetGalley

Where to Buy: 

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Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Review: A delightful romance that’ll make you want to pack a bag and head straight to the Highlands!

In 500 Miles From You, Colgan creates a diverse cast of characters with interesting histories and weaves a heartfelt tale of overcoming trauma and finding connections where you least expect them.

What I enjoyed most about this book was the picture Colgan painted of life in the Highlands. I’ve wanted to move to Scotland since I was 15 and this book just made me ache for the day I can move there so much more.

Additionally, Colgan does an amazing job of highlighting the differences between London and Highlands Scotland; painting a beautiful picture of each place that doesn’t suggest one is better than the other, but rather that they are simply different.

While I did enjoy this book I have to admit the romance was rather blah and not very satisfying in the end. There was so much build up to the two main characters meeting and when they finally do, that meeting is glossed over and rushed through. It was very unsatisfying to go through the whole book, and then to get so little detail about their meeting.

There were also a few other plot lines that were unresolved and I was left wondering how those had played out.

Overall this was a fun, quick read and I will be reading more of Colgan in the future.


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