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July Mini Wrap-up

Hello lovelies! Happy Monday!

Another late night blog post for me (I’m a morning person, staying up past 8pm is pushing it for me…).

But I’m really excited because between this weekend and today I have finished 2 books, read 2 comic books, and started another book! This is basically unheard of for me but I’m really hoping I can keep this momentum going.

But I thought I’d do a mini wrap up for how the first couple weeks of July have gone in terms of reading for me.


So far this month I have read 4 comics. I love comics but I don’t read nearly as many as I would like. But one of my closest friends is a huge comic nerd and she’s been giving me a lot of Red Hood comics to read and I really have enjoyed them.

If you like comics, enjoy Batman and don’t know who Red Hood is and what he’s all about, you really should check these out.


I’ve read 3 books so far this month and just started another one this afternoon.

I really enjoyed both of these, though they did prove to be disappointing for several reasons. You can read my review for Something to Talk About and The Court of Miracles by following the links.

Last night I finished Boyfriend Material and absolutely loved it! I’m hoping to have a review up in the next day or two. I just loved this one and I always have trouble talking about books that I love (not the best book blogger trait is it?)


This afternoon I started 500 Miles From You and it’s pretty good so far. I’m only maybe a quarter of the way through it but I like the characters so far and the plot. It also deals with some things I’ve gone through so I’m interested to see how that plays out in the book as it develops.


Well that’s it for July so far. My July tbr was pretty long from what I remember. I’ve basically thrown it out the door and haven’t looked at since I posted it, but I’m pretty sure these 3 books were on it, so I guess that’s good.


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