See you Monday!

Hello lovelies!

Just wanted to pop in and say I’ll be back to posting again on Monday!

On 10/31/2019 my mom had a liver transplant in Seattle, WA and her and my dad have been there ever since for her recovery, while I’ve been in Eastern Washington taking care of their house and fur babies. It’s a long story and it’s been a rough road but they got permission from the doctors to come spend some time at home. My mom still has a long way to go and she and my dad will be returning to Seattle in a week or two but it’ll be wonderful to have them home for a bit.

So for the last few day’s I’ve been cleaning our house from top to bottom and thus haven’t really had time to read or to post. But I’m putting the finishing touches on things right now so I hope to be back to posting again on Monday!

Hope you guys are doing well, staying safe and supporting Black Lives Matter!



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