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Top Ten Tuesday: May 12th, 2020

Hello lovelies! Happy Tuesday! What new books are you excited for this week? I’m headed to the bookstore to pick up a couple new releases that I’m very excited about!

For this week’s prompt That Artsy Reader Girl challenged us to post about ten books you’ve abandoned! This could be book you DNF’d or just simply aren’t interested in reading anymore.

I’m kinda worried about listing some of the books here that I did. Several of these books are part of really popular series and they just weren’t for me. Sorry.

1. The Wicked King

DNF. The Cruel Prince was hard enough to get through and then things happened in this one that I was not okay with in the slightest and I just couldn’t handle it.

2. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

No Longer Interested. I started this audiobook almost a year ago. I’m about half way through and I just cannot bring myself to finish it. I really enjoyed the first two books but this one has lost all of it’s appeal.

3. The Essex Serpent

No Longer Interested. This one sounded so amazing when it first came out but as soon as I bought it I lost all interest in reading it.

4. Ruin and Rising

No Longer Interested. Siege and Storm was just so disappointing I just lost all interest in this world.

5. A Torch Against the Night

No Longer Interested. It’s not that An Ember in the Ashes wasn’t good, it just didn’t live up to the hype and I just have no desire to continue this series.

6. They Both Die at the End

No Longer Interested. This is another one that sounded amazing but as soon as I bought it I lost all interest in reading it.

7. The Goblins of Bellwater

DNF. Had a really good friend and fellow bookseller recommend this one. Got about a third of the way through and just couldn’t get into it. And I feel really bad about it cause now I take her recommendations with a grain of salt.

8. The Valiant

No Longer Interested. Another one that sounded amazing and that I lost all interest in as soon as I bought it.

9. The Dark Days Club

DNF. I remember enjoying reading this one but I got about half way through, set it down for whatever reason and just never picked it up again and now I have no desire to finish it.

10. King’s Cage

No Longer Interested. I read the first two book’s in this series and book two was just so…predictable? I saw the ending of book two coming from a mile away and it was good, but I just really didn’t enjoy knowing what was going to happen the whole time I was reading. I’m kinda hopeful that I’ll pick these back up but who knows?

So there you have it! Book’s I’m no longer interested in reading or DNF’d. *insert nervous emoji here*


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