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May TBR Goals: NetGalley, Backlist, and Previews

Hello lovelies and happy May! Was it just me or did April go by at the speed of light? I can’t say I want May to do the same but I also don’t want it to drag on like March did either.

So now that it’s a new month I thought I’d make a TBR list and see what happens. I haven’t had much luck sticking to TBR lists in the past but now that I’m reading books for NetGalley I thought having a list might be a good idea.

So here are my reading goals for May!

NetGalley reads:

I’ve already finished 3 of my NetGalley books for May so I just have 2 more that I need to read and review this month.

The first one is Cholera: The Victorian Plague by Amanda J. Thomas. Originally published in 2015 this new edition will be published May 30th, 2020. This will be my first non-fiction book of 2020 and I’m really looking forward to learning about this facet of the Victorian era.


My second NetGalley read for May is “Cat Person” and Other Stories by Kristen Roupenian. This is also a new edition of a perviously published book and features a new story. It came out back on April 14th, 2020 but I’m really looking forward to reading and reviewing this short story collection.


In addition to these for May I also have two books that are due for reviews on NetGalley the first week of June: Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert, and Admission by Julie Buxbaum. So I need to read these this month as well!

My next and last NetGalley read of May doesn’t come out till October 6th, 2020, but I plan on reading The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue this month as well. This is my most anticipated read of 2020 and V.E. Schwab is my favorite author so I’m very much looking forward to reading this one.


Backlist Reads:

I have a couple of books I started back in 2019 or earlier this year that I’ve yet to finish so I’d like to wrap those up this month as well.

First up is Normal People by Sally Rooney. This one was the March Barnes & Noble fiction book of the month and I’ve really enjoyed it thus far. Life got in the way and I haven’t picked it up since March but I’m looking forward to finishing it. This book has also been adapted into a series on Hulu and I look forward to checking that out after I finish reading!


Next is Green River, Running Red by Ann Rule. I started this one back in 2019 and while I’ve enjoyed it, its been slow going. I’m not the biggest fan of true crime but I enjoyed The Stranger Beside Me last summer and having lived in Washington most of my life and in Seattle as well, reading about Ted Bundy and the Green River Killer seemed like something I should do. I’m about 3/4 of the way through this one and look forward to finishing it this month.


My next two reads share two things in common. 1) they’re both audiobooks and 2) they have the same author.

I started Darkdawn shortly after it was released last September and I love it. I can’t stand how much I love it. But I want the story to last and I can’t bring myself to listen to very much of it at once. Because I’m borrowing the audiobook from my local library there’s been some long waits between each time I sit down to listen. But I can’t put it off forever. It’s time to finish Mia’s story. My hold from the library came in a few days ago so I’ll be finishing this one soon.


At the end of 2019 or the very beginning of 2020 I started Illuminae and wasn’t able to finish before my hold was due back at the library. But it also became available a few days ago so I plan on wrapping this one up as well.


Book Previews:

There are also two book previews I’d like to read this month. The first preview is for Harrow the Ninth. Tor released the whole first act early and I’d like to read it this month as well. The second is The Princess Will Save You. This one is a Princess Bride inspired retelling and the first ~40 pages were released last week. I’m really excited for both of these!

9 books and 2 previews isn’t a lot for some readers but it is for me. But since starting this blog again I’ve been reading more than ever and I love it! So I think this list is totally doable for me.

Are there any books on my list you’re planning on reading as well?


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