The Darkest Hour

First book review of 2018!

The first book I’ve completed this year is The Darkest Hour, written by Tony Schumacher. This book is rather unique as it was written in conjunction with the movie by the same title (which is why I don’t feel bad using the movie poster for my image as the same image is used for the book).

If you’ve never read anything about Churchill, or even if you have, this is a great book to pick up. I’ve never read anything about or by Churchill and this was a great introduction. It covers from his early life as a politician, to the first days of WWII when he became Prime Minister.

It’s a quick read, 336 pages. I read it intermittently over the course of a week but it can definitely be read in a day.

So if you’re a history nerd or are thinking about seeing the movie, I highly recommend this one.

4.5 Stars



And for those interested here’s the movie trailer:


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