An Ember in the Ashes

An Ember in the Ashes

Potentially spoiler-y but not really? No specifics talked about but I do talk about a love triangle but without naming names.

Main Characters:

Lila—unwitting resistance spy, Slave girl to Keris

Elias Veturius—finest solider in the academy

Helene Aquilla—Loyal to the Empire, friend to Elias

Marcus Farrar—World’s biggest jerk

Keris Veturia—Elias’ mother and academy commander

Where to start with this book?

I’ve heard wonderful things about this book from practically everyone. And I was very excited to read it. But I started reading it last December and then didn’t pick it up again until this September. Once I picked it up again I finished it in two days. So, I must have enjoyed it. But it was also a quick read and while a lot of things happened, none of it surprised me. There were no shocking realizations, no unexpected plot twists. It was all…very predictable.

And the love triangle. Really? Again? Can we just…not. I don’t love, love triangles. And the only exception is when it actually makes the plot more interesting (which is hardly ever). And in this we have not one, but two! Like I understand they’re teenagers and that’s an emotionally confusing time. But really? When the choice is one stranger or another stranger, or a stranger and your best friend, and you both are treading a fine line of staying alive, shouldn’t you be dedicating all your time to staying alive? Do you honestly have time to think about your confusing emotions?

I’ve never been in a YA book so I can’t really speak on the matter but I am sick to death of love triangles and unrequited love and true love and your lover dying before you can tell them you love them. Can we just, step away from the romance and worry about saving the world instead? I could also go on about the types of love represented in books but that’s another matter entirely.

Well, that was a lovely tangent. Moving back to the actual book.

The setting of the book is interesting but I think it could have been given more detail. I honestly want a book or novella about the events that created the world our characters live in because I feel like most of the information presented was glossed over and not spoken about in depth.

So, lots of things happened, none of it too shocking though and I’m not really sure I’ll read the next book. I have a copy so I’ll feel compelled to at some point but I’m also going to read other things before eventually getting back to it.

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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